Ruth Pfeffer, owner of Birding with Ruth, is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable birder whose accomplishments are varied and interesting. Ruth first became interested in birds as a Girl Scout Leader many years ago, and has studied at Schuylkill Environmental Education Center, where she became a Birding Instructor. While involved with the Girl Scouts, she worked on many environmental issues and participated in the first Earth Day. She also served on the Development Task Force which was responsible for the first solar building in the Philadelphia area at the Shelly Ridge Girl Scout Program Center.


Ruth currently teaches courses at the Morris Arboretum. She was a sponsor of Eco-Artfest at the Abington Art Center.


Ruth has continued to follow her environmental passion, and it has led her to many countries and broadened her knowledge and involvement. Ruth began leading day trips to places like Bombay Hook, Hawk Mountain, and other locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. She leads one-day bus trips for groups to Conowingo Dam, Bombay Hook, Hawk Mountain, Shark River to view resident and migratory birds and to Cape May to view the Horseshoe crabs. She has also led trips to Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, and the Galapagos Islands. Her extended trips to Maine, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Chincoteague Island have been well received.

Ruth has been a member of many organizations through the years including Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Academy of Natural Sciences, Friends of the Wissahickon, Briar Bush Nature Center, Environmental Defense, Nature Conservancy, Schuylkill Environmental Education Center,  as well as serving on Wyncote’s Audubon Society board for membership. Ruth was also a volunteer for the Breeding Bird Atlas project for PA in the 1980s.

Ruth began photography of the natural world several years ago and has produced calendars featuring her photos. Three of her photos were chosen by the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and are printed in Bombay Hook’s brochure. Her photos appear on Gwynedd Preserve’s brochure and the cover of Eastern Shore Bird list. Ruth’s photography from her travels forms the basis of her slide presentations.


Ruth gives many presentations covering over 25 places and topics of natural interest and leads discussions for groups of all ages.